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Welcome.....from your latest "deviant" artist!!!

My name is Valpyra Skullstyr aka Valpyra Mistress of  I was a child prodigy and have been an experimental artist my whole life.  My affinity with the dark arts (both written and visual) began during my first year of middle school where a metamorphosis began.  All formal education and training has taken place in New York City.

As a Master digital manipulator, I was born to observe and create. My art will stir feelings, fuel the fires of desire and evokes a primal reaction in each and every viewer. These are the forces which drive me.......Valpyra as an artist!

Here on deviantART, I will only feature my latest works of Grim Reaper art.  I view each one of my digital works as a new form of cerebral aesthetic Cubism... but on many different visual levels.  My style of "multiple view expression" is similar to work created by Picasso, and the patterned work of Gustav Klimt.  Textures, shapes, colors, lights and motion are all key elements when building a strong foundation for each print I create.

As a Master of digital manipulation I can take any selected visual subject to it's visual breaking point of structure, then redefine and mingle the images (again like Picasso and Klimt). When creating a new image a vast collection of filters, interacting masks and textures come into play. In the end it's this final visual statement which challenges the viewer while testing their senses.

My experimental art has a highly stylized 3D lenticular look.   I achieve this with the use of a clear overlay (cel or transparent plate).  I can print, paint or draw on this cel and make any corrections with just plain water and a lint free cloth.  When completely finished the cel is added or rather placed "over" a base print of the same original altered subject.  This image is then printed and the final results can be purchased here at dA.  When viewed with the naked eye you will notice a gentle motion with no need for any type of special glasses like traditional 3D.  

I hope you like my work and that it inspires much as it inspires me!

Bites and XXX's,
Valpyra Skullstyr
New York City

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United States

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